One Part of A Large Garden Project in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Integrated Wall and Step, Park Slope, NY

This concrete wall was built to retain a yard's slope in a project to create a garden from an rubble-filled lot in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood. The entire project lasted several months and included rubble removal, over one hundred yards of imported soil, drainage, wood structures including deck, door, and an arbor, concrete work, and finally, planting. In the back of this image you can see a slate pad and cedar door, part of the shed that was re-purposed from a pump house. Inside the shed was cedar decking and shelves throughout. 

The client wanted a minimalist wall and step with a raw concrete look. The footing was poured, forms built, and concrete poured. I am lucky to have these two images as I have no other images of this project. Sadly, the entire garden went under the wrecking ball just a handful of years later when the owner sold her building and this lot for development.