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Artist & Builder is open.  
Now is the best time to order your custom raised beds to receive them at the earliest possible date.
Notice: Due to pandemic-driven bottlenecks at mills, cedar is more than double the price per board than last April. I will consider using less durable woods to make beds more affordable, however Douglas Fir, and even White Pine, is 50-75% more expensive than past seasons. Lumber equals 45-55% of the cost of each raised bed, so you can imagine the impact on pricing.
Below you'll find some detail about what Artist & Builder can do. Please contact Frank, owner of Artist & Builder, via the Contact tab above, for planters, raised beds, structures, and pollinator flower planters. You can also find me  @artist_and_builder on Instagram.

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Structures
For vegetable-growing containers, I prefer western red-cedar for its natural rot resistance, availability and relatively reasonable cost. We cannot eliminate decay of wooden garden structures, over time, but relying on cedar will give your raised beds the best aesthetics without the fungicides and metals inherent to treated lumber and last for several years. Artist & Builder can design, create, and install custom wood-framed raised beds, vegetable garden structures, trellising, and any number of other wood outdoor structures.


  • The quantity of vegetables are you planning to grow. 
  • The amount of soil needed to fill a raised bed (tip, 12 inch height is often enough)
  • Incorporating rabbit-proofing (there are tons of rabbits in the Minneapolis area)
  • Incorporating deer-proofing (we have plenty of those too)
  • Using larger lumber for increased longevity and sturdy aesthetics
  • Paring down your needs for the most economical raised beds
  • Requesting alternative species of wood that are rot-resistant
  • Asking about soil and compost delivery
  • Asking about my woodland plant nursery specializing in ephemerals and other native shade plants.
  • Using raised beds for a pollinator flower garden


Click through the older posts (below) or the Projects tab above to view my work. Artist & Builder is also growing, for sale, several species of woodland native plants for home gardeners. I will be taking orders, for pickup at our woodland location in the West Metro. Contact me for availability.