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Artist & Builder is open during the pandemic and winter. Order early to receive your beds in early spring. Order raised beds now to receive them this December instead of May or June! 
Orders placed now through January 30, 2021 qualify for a 5% winter discount. 
Below you'll find some detail about what Artist & Builder can do. Please contact Frank, owner of Artist & Builder, via the Contact tab above, for planters, raised beds, structures, and something new -pollinator planters! You can also find me at Artist & Builder on FB or @artist_and_builder on Instagram.

Pollinator Prairie Planters & Raised Beds

Our yards, both big and small, can host many birds on their journeys through the Mississippi Flyway and provide pollen and nectar for the insects our world relies on. If you have a corner of the yard that simply doesn't meet your expectations, consider donating it to the plants and flowers these flying creatures love. If you have an area that is always too wet for lawn or other gardens, consider creating a "rain garden" full of sedges and forbs loved by birds and bees. Prairie gardens have a wild side that may or may not meet your landscape expectations. If you want to offer the benefits of a pollinator or prairie garden, yet give it some structure, frame it with cedar. Email me via the contact tab above for a consultation.

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Structures
I've been a gardener all my life and there's nothing like the fresh and flavorful taste of home grown vegetables. For vegetable-growing containers, Artist & Builder prefers to rely on western red-cedar for its natural rot resistance, availability and relatively reasonable cost. There is little we can do to completely eliminate decay of wooden garden structures over time, but relying on cedar will give your raised beds the best aesthetics at the best cost without compromising the health safety of your vegetables.Artist & Builder can design, create, and install any number of iterations of wood-framed raised beds or vegetable garden structures. 

I can:

  • Incorporate rabbit-proofing (there are tons of rabbits in Minneapolis)
  • Incorporate deer-proofing
  • Create multiple tier gardening beds
  • Increase lumber thickness for increased longevity and sturdy aesthetics
  • Create architectural planters without treated lumber for growing vegetables on your terrace or deck
  • Respond to your needs with the right solution for growing vegetables in a raised structure.

Architectural wooden containers for rooftops, balconies, storefronts, commercial sidewalks, decks, front yards, back yards, and every place in between. 
As a gardener, I understand plants, micro climates, microorganisms, and the effect of these on outdoor woodwork. Most common lumber, in contact with soil and weather, will not last very long. Artist & Builder constructs planters with tree species that show decay resistance and stability in wet environments. Western Red Cedar is the most popular choice for its decay resistance and warmth at an attractive price, but other decay-resistant woods can be ordered.

Click through the older posts (below) or the Projects tab above to see what Artist & Builder has built over the years.