Raised Garden Beds & Other Garden Structures

Artist & Builder is open.  
Autumn is the best time to order your custom raised beds!
Notice: Due to pandemic-driven bottlenecks at mills, cedar is well over double the price per board than it was in April, 2020.  Heavy duty rough-sawn boards have become difficult to source in quantity -please inquire if interested in heavy duty raised beds as only some sizes will possible until the lumber marketplace relaxes.
Please contact Frank, owner of Artist & Builder, via the this link or via the contact tab, above, for project inquiries. You can also find me on Instagram @shelterwoodgardens.

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens
For vegetable-growing containers, I use western red-cedar for its natural rot resistance, availability and relatively reasonable cost. We cannot eliminate decay of wooden garden structures, but relying on long-lasting cedar will give your raised beds the best aesthetics without fungicides and metals inherent to treated lumber. Artist & Builder can design, create, and install custom wood-framed raised beds, vegetable garden structures, trellising, and other wood structures for your gardens.

Things to Consider:

  • The quantity of vegetables are you planning to grow. 
  • The amount of soil needed to fill a raised bed (a 4x10x1 raised bed has a volume of 40 cubic feet)
  • Rabbit-proofing (there are tons of rabbits in the Minneapolis area)
  • Deer-proofing (we have plenty of those too)
  • Thicker lumber for increased longevity and sturdy aesthetics
  • Paring down for the most economical raised beds
  • Raised beds for a flower garden

Click the Projects tab, above, to view some of my work.