Raised Beds For Vegetable Gardener in Minnetrista, Minnesota

Raised Beds, Minnetrista, Minnesota

Architectural Western Red Cedar Raised Beds for Minnesota Gardens
Four foot wide by ten foot long, these one foot tall raised beds surround potatoes planted ahead of time. As the potatoes grow, straw and compost will be added to produce a bumper crop.

Architectural Western Red Cedar Raised Beds for Minnesota Gardens
The lumber is rough-sawn western red cedar -chosen to match the trim of the house. An added benefit of rough-sawn is the additional quarter inch of thickness over common, surfaced two-by cedar lumber. The corners are trimmed with the rough sides of one by four cedar while the top cap is trimmed with the smooth side. The top cap is edged planed, quick sanded to reduce splinters.

Architectural Western Red Cedar Raised Beds Craftmanship Details
The cap is butt-jointed because mitered corners on outdoor wood structures tend to warp and split. Fasteners on top trim are stainless steel trim screws. The thick cedar boards that form the container are not fastened to each other directly, but are joined with aluminum corner angles secured by heavy duty, ceramic-coated exterior washer head screws. Under the trim cap, along each ten-foot side, is a half-inch steel rod that fixes the two stacked boards together and anchors the structure to the ground beneath it. This modification is only used when the length of the bed requires it.